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This is a good working W123 Speedometer from a 1984 300D Turbo.

Will work in all W123 models that originally had a 120mph or 200 kph speedometer. 

The unit has been inspected for quality and tested for proper operation. Gears and mechanisms have been inspected and lubricated as needed.

We are based in California and usually ship the following or same day you place your order.

We have a large selection of W123 parts.

Visit our online store for other parts you might need or just want. 

We're still building our online store, if you need something we don't have in the store yet, call or message us. We probably have it.

Don't forget to follow us and enjoy your ride.

W123 Speedometer 120mph, 300D, 300CD, 300TDT, 300CE, 230CE, 280E, 280CE

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