W126 Standard Chassis Cooling System (engine)

909-762-3948     323-325-4255

W126 Standard Chassis 1981-1991


300SD,SE, 380SE, SEC, 420SE, 500SE, SEC 560SE, SEC.

Parts directory W126


W126 Cooling System (engine)

Coolant Recovery Tank

Tank (A)

Tank (B)

Coolant Recovery Tank ('81-'91)



A Tank - Genuine

B Tank - Meyle


Qty. required: 1



Auxiliary Engine Water Pump

Water Pump (A)

Water Pump (B)

Auxiliary Engine Water Pump ('81-'91)



A Water pump - Bosch

B Water pump - MTC


Qty. required: 1


Coolant Parts

Coolant Recovery Tank

Hose (A)

De-aeration hose (B)

Coolant Parts


A Coolant recover tank hose (from expansion tank to radiator) - 300SD ('81-'85) 380SE,SEC ('81-'85) 500SE,SEC ('84- '85), 560SEC ('86-'91)



B De-aeration hose (from expansion tank to engine to radiator) - 380SE, SEC ('82-'85) NOT IN STOCK






Coolant Parts

Coolant Overflow Hose (C)

Coolant Recovery Tank Retrofit Kit (D)

Coolant Parts


C Overflow hose (from expansion tank to radiator) (8mm ID

   x 2.5 m long) - enough to fit most models

D Coolant recovery tank retrofit kit.






Engine Coolant Temp Sensors

Temp Sensor (A)

Temp Sensor (B)

Engine coolant temp sensors


A Sensor - 300SD ('81-'85), 380SE, SEC, 500SEC, 560SE,

   SEC (at cylinder head) 3 pin. Replaces green unit

B Sensor - cold temp lock out

C Sensor - 300SD (at water outlet cover)

D Sensor - Automatic idle control.


Match appearance and connection on existing unit prior to ordering.




Fan Blade



Fan Blade

300SD, 380SE, SEC, 500SEC


A 380SE, SEC, 500SEC New

B 380SE, SEC, 500SEC Used

C 300SD New






Fan Clutch

Clutch (A,B)

Clutch (C)

Fan Clutch


A Clutch - 300SD (up to 039510)

B Clutch - 300SD (from 039511)

C Clutch - 380SE,SEC ('82-'85), 500SE,SEC ('82-'85),

   560SE,SEC ('85-'91)


Fan Shroud

Shroud (A)

Shroud (B)

Fan shroud.


A Shroud - 300SD ('81-'85) (Used only)

B Shroud - 380SE,SEC (81-'85), 500SE,SEC ('85-'91),

   560SEC ('88-'91) (Used only)

Gaskets and Seals

Gasket (A)

Gasket (B)

Gaskets and seals ('81-'85)



A Gasket - water pump to engine 5 Hole

B Gasket - housing to engine


Gaskets and Seals

Gasket (C)

Gasket (D)

Gaskets and seals ('81-'85)



C Gasket - thermostat 


D Gasket - thermostat gasket housing to engine

Gaskets and Seals

Gasket (E)

Gasket (F)

Gaskets and Seals


E Gasket - 380SE,SEC ('81-'85), 500SE,SEC ('85-'91), 560 ('85-'91) (water pump to block)

F Gasket - 300SE,SEC ('81-'85), 500SE,SEC ('81-'85) (side of water pump)







Oil Cooler

Oil Cooler (A,B)

Oil Cooler Lines (C,D)

Oil Cooler 

300SD 81-85, 380SE,SEC, 500SEC, 560SEC


A Cooler - (New)

B Cooler - (Used)

C Cooler lines Upper from oil filter tower

D Cooler lines Lower from oil filter tower




Radiator (A)

Radiator ()

Radiator ('81-'85)



A Nissens



Qty. required: 1


Radiator (C)

Radiator (D)


380SE,SEC ('82-'85), 500SEC ('85-'87), 560SEC ('86-'91)


C Nissens

D Behr

Radiator Parts

Radiator Mount Clip Kit (A)

Radiator Mount Bushings (B)

Qty. req. 2

Radiator Parts


A Radiator mount clip kit - 300SD ('81-'85) 380SE,SEC ('79-'85), 500SEC ('81-'85), 560SE,SEC ('85-'91)

B Radiator mount bushings - 300SD ('81-'85) 380SE,SEC ('79-'85), 500SEC ('81-'85), 560SE,SEC ('85-'91)







Thermostat (A)

Thermostat (B)

Thermostat ('81-'85)

300SD - 80 deg Centigrade


A Behr

B Whaler


Includes seal


Thermostat (C)

Thermostat (D)


380SE,SEC ('82-'85), 500SE,SEC ('85-'91)


C  75 deg centigrade

D  84 deg centigrade Factory Standard Temp.


Includes o-ring seal

Radiator Hoses

Hose (A,B)

Hose (C,D)

Radiator Hose ('81-'85)



A 300SD Lower Genuine Mercedes

B 300SD Lower

C 300SD Upper Genuine Mercedes

D 300SD Upper

Radiator Hoses

Hose (E)

Hose (F)

Radiator Hose

380SE,SEC ('82-'85), 500SE,SEC ('84-'85)


E Lower

F Upper






Radiator Hoses

Hose (G,H)

Hose (I,J)

Radiator Hose ('86-'91)



G Lower Genuine Mercedes

H Upper

I  Upper Genuine Mercedes

J  Upper

Radiator Parts

Coolant By-pass Hose (A)

Radiator Drain Plug (B)

Radiator Parts


A Coolant by-pass hose - 380SE,SEC ('82-'85), 500SE,SEC

   ('84-'85), 560SEC ('86-'91) (V8 engines) Trim to fit.

B Radiator drain plug - 300SD ('81-'85)

Radiator/Coolant Reservoir Cap

Reservoir Cap (A)

Reservoir Cap (B)

Coolant Reservoir Cap 


300SD ('81-'85), 380SE,SEC ('81-'85), 500SE,SEC ('84-'85)

560SE,SEC ('85-'91)


A Cap -  (120 deg centigrade) 1.2bar

B Cap -  (140 deg centigrade) 1.4bar


Match rating on existing cap prior to ordering

Water Pump

Water Pump (A)

Water Pump (B)

Water Pump ('81-'85)

300SD - 4 hole, long version, 135mm


A Water Pump Genuine Mercedes

B Water Pump HD Graf

Water Pump

Water Pump (C,D)

Water Pump 

380SE,SEC ('81-'85), 500SE,SEC ('84-'85)


C Water Pump Meyle

D Water Pump Grag


Incl. Pulley and gaskets



Water Pump

Water Pump (E,F)

Water Pump ('85-'91)



E Water Pump Laso

F Water Pump Graf


Incl. gaskets




Mercedes W126,  560SE.

Electric Cooling Fan

Electric fan(A)

Electric fan (B)

Electric cooling fan.


A Electric fan 15" - 300SD ('85), 380SE,SEC ('82-'85),

   500SEC ('84-'85)

B Electric fan 12" - 300SD ('81-'84)






Temp Sensor (C)

Temp Sensor (D)